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Product Highlights

Arm Material Aluminium
Boom Rest Stand No
Maximum length of Boom  2M 
Time for Up/down 2s
Input control signal Dry Contact
Ingress protection Degree IP67
BG100:  Parking Barrier Automated Boom Gate
Basic Maximum length of Boom            2m
  Arm material Aluminium
  Boom Rest Stand No
Boom Barrier Time for Up/down 2sec
  Input control signal Dry Contact
  Ingress protection Degree IP67
Features Input Interface for 1.  Photocell 
    2. Air switch
    3. Loop detector(Optional)
  Output interface for Lamp (Optional)
  Optional Interface Access control panel, 
    Standalone Access Control, Control button (eg: X990)
  Remote Control Upto 25 meters
  Mode Automatic/Manual
  Incorporated control panel with  3 push buttons (stop/up/Down) to control the motor
  Bumping bounce back (Optional) Yes
  Auto closing time 1 - 80s
General Specification SMPS - Input AC 220V / 110V,  50Hz / 60Hz
  Motor power 90W, 220V AC
  Dimension(mm) 268 X 348 X 1050
  Operating Temprature -20oC to +50oC
BG-S-105 Catalogue


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