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Key tags

Key tags

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These RFID reader are designed to work with our RFID Card Devices and are considered passive tags. Each tag has a unique digit ID.

Chip 4100
Working Frequency 125KHz
Maximum Read Range 2-15cm
Dimensions 3W x 5L x 0,6H cm
Operating Temperature 45ºC to 70º
Weight 8 Gram
Description RF-programmable, 125KHz,costumer specified 
  ID numbers locations marked for horizontal and vertical slot punch
- Only read
- Offers universal compatibility with all eSSl proximity device readers
- Provides an external number for easy identification and control
- Support formats up to 26 bits Wiegand format
- Compatible with EM4100 chip data format
- Meets ISO standard for thickness; user with all direct image or thermal transfer printers
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