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Product Highlights

  Touch keypad with UV polished shell
  Access by Card, PIN, or Card & PIN
  Support external WG26 interface; Controller Mode or Reader Mode could be switched
  Has 1 Relay output and 1 PUSH (low) output
  Has 1 door button Port and 1 doorbell Port
  Backlight modes: ON; OFF; Automatically
  Tamper Alarm and Safety Mode 
Technical Specification
Operating Voltage  DC 12V±10%
Operating Current < 100mA
Dimensions 120×78×22mm
Weight 130g
Operating Temperature 10°C - 70°C
Operating Humidity  20% - 80%
Card Storage 1000 users
Card type (alternative)  EM(ID) card (IC card for options)
Card reading distance  EM 1-15CM, MF1: 1-7CM
SA33 Manual
SA33 Catalogue


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